Guitar circuit wiring

I present a tip for an advanced guitar wiring scheme here.
This was used for wiring ZR Scarab AL guitar.

Guitar wiring circuit ZR Scarab AL

Used components:

  • 2x Seymour Duncan Humbuckers with four conductors.
  • 2x 500k linear pots with push/push switch
  • 2x 500k logarithmic pots with push/push switch
  • 6 positional “FreeWay” Switch
  • 2x capacitor C47
  • 2x capacitor C33
  • mono 6.3mm socket
Work on guitar wiring

This circuit uses tone knobs to switch between two modes and volume knobs to switch parallel/series humbucker coils connection. 6 positional switch provides switching humbuckers mode full/single coil and works as a standard 3 way switch.

And here is a description of full function:

ZR Scarab AL guitar controls function.

I hope this would brings you some new ideas to improve your guitars. Please, feel free to share this. Thank you.

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