Semi-hollow jazz guitar

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  • Overall length: 1027mm / 401/2”
  • Body width: 340mm / 133/8”
  • Body length: 470mm / 181/2”
  • Body thickness: 45mm / 13/4”
  • Neck depth: 25mm / 31/32”
  • Neck width nut: 47mm / 127/32”
  • Neck width 12th fret: 57mm / 21/4”
  • Scale length: 648mm / 251/2”
  • String spread nut: 40,2mm
  • String spread bridge:54,5mm


  • Tuners: Gotoh 510 delta series, 1:18, 6 in line
  • Nut: Brass
  • Truss rod: dual action/ carbon
  • Bridge: fixed brass
  • 4 wooden knobs with position marks
  • Wooden humbucker covers
  • Strap pins
  • Round recessed socket for 6,3 mm mono output jack
  • Strings: D’Addario Chromes Jazz Light (.011/.015/.022w/.030/.040/.050)
  • Frets: bronze


  • 2 linear 500k potentiometers for separate volume control
  • 2 logarithmic 500k potentiometers for separate tone control
  • Three-way pickup selector
  • Seymour Duncan Sentient – neck
  • Seymour Duncan Pegasus – bridge


  • Body: poplar
  • Top: maple
  • Neck: maple
  • Fingerboard: ebony
  • Pickup covers, saddle trim, electric cavity cover: walnut
  • 3.3mm Ivory dots on fingerboard
  • Epoxy base coat – transparent
  • Transparent melamine lacquer, gloss

Sound samples

These are sound records of displayed guitar. Naturally clear and bright sound. D’Addario chrom flat wounded strings makes the sound slightly more mellow. It is a pure sound coming from guitar, no amp was used for recording.

Neck & Bridge:


Neck, Stella by Starlight:

Neck & Bridge Ponticelo-Tasto:


Fanfara from Ivan Bores:

Guitar description

guitar photo
ZR Odyssea – jazz guitar

This instrument is designed for maximum enhancement of the guitar wood resonance. The sounding cavity takes almost two thirds of the guitar body. A neck is glued in the cavity between back side and top sounding board. It makes a strong joint of two boards under the bridge. Also, a neck is made of one piece in full length of strings. This makes strong joint of the neck and the body and it results in higher resonance level of wood and extended sustain.

There are 6 in line golden Gotoh 510 delta series tuners fitted at the angled headstock. There is a decorative walnut disk on the end of the headstock. An ebony fingerboard and a maple top are trimmed by slim walnut binding. Decorative walnut wood has been used to cover pickups and to surround brass tailpiece and bridge. A nut has been also made of brass. Brass washers hold humbucker covers in position. An ebony fretboard has a 12″ radius and It is fitted with harder bronze frets as an addition to property of the brass components. There are only two small ivory dots on the fingerboard marking the 12th fret. Fields are marked on the edge by small brass dots. There is a single cut-out in the sound board on the left side of the body. On the opposite side, there is a long cavity for electrics which is separated from the main sounding cavity. There is a wooden cover with four inline maple knobs to control pots and to access the cavity from the guitar face. A three-way switch is situated on the other end of this cover close to the neck pickup. If you look at the guitar body from the other side, you can see a compact surface and transition to guitar neck without any plates and holes. Rounded edges provide good grip and smooth touch feeling of the guitar while playing on the end of fretboard.

guitar detail
Brass guitar bridge detail

Displayed pictures show a guitar prototype which has no truss rod. In the case of custom making the guitar would be fitted with the standard dual truss rod or by the carbon bar. Kind of used wood and simplified design of the tail piece reduced guitar weight to 3.5 kg. A guitar weight is well balanced. It is well playable in standing or sitting position. This prototype has a shallow C-shape neck profile 25-24mm thick. A nut width is 47mm. The guitar can be made under the requirements with narrower neck and rounded profile. A fingerboard is easily accessible along the whole length. A guitar surface has been treated by epoxy basecoat and finished by transparent gloss melamine lacquer. This provides durable and hard surface.

guitar photo
Guitar back side

This guitar forms its own characteristic sound. Acoustic sound is strong with fat low tones. Vibration of wood comes strongly through the string sound. This results in modulated tone with remarkable variable modulation during tone lasting. This modulation also comes to pickups. Good quality pickups do not only produce sound by the string moving in the magnetic field but they also pick up sound from space as the microphone does. On this guitar has been humbuckers covered by wood which doesn’t affect the magnetic function but they pick up more of sound from surrounding space inside the guitar body cavity rather than sound of the string. Sound coming out from guitar contains more value of the sound produced by vibration of wood. Humbuckers SD Pegasus and SD Sentient haven’t got high output. They are designed for better separation of each string sound. The output level can be set on amplifier. You cannot expect usual distorted sound. On this guitar is quite hard to reach distorted sound well known from hard-core and trash or black metal. It sounds like the distortion enhances the part of sound produced by the vibration of wood. Altogether with long sustain this distortion makes strong amplitude of harmonic and dissolved sound periodically during sounding of each tone. On the other side clean voice setting of the amp makes sound warm and open with fat low and not so bright and strong pitch. There are fitted flat wounded strings d’Addario Chrom lite.

Guitar headstock

Certainly, a guitar is suitable mostly for jazz or blues but it can be used for any other style by those who search for new strongly characteristic sound.

Zdenek Rumler, 15th of January 2015

Maple and walnut on this jazz guitar body

guitar photo

Jon Gjylaci – Jazz guitar ZR Odyssea Review

guitarist photo
Jon Gjylaci

“ZR Guitar Odyssea is superb, hand-crafted electric guitar. Its unique design allows classically trained guitarists like me to feel at home when performing. The thickness of the neck, the wide fretboard and the string tension are perfect and exactly what I look for in an electric guitar.

The guitar produces a warm, clean and well-balanced sound between the basses and trebles and it has perfect intonation. It feels easy to play and has consistency in sound.

ZR Guitars are designed with care and attention to detail and are constructed using high quality materials. To top all this they have stunning looks.

These versatile guitars are perfect for any guitarist, regardless of their musical background or performance style.

Highly recommended!”

Jon Gjylaci 20th of March 2015


ZR Odyssea

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