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About ZR Guitars

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Zdenek Rumler

ZR is a brand of boutique electric guitars made by Zdenek Rumler. They are custom-made instruments with unique designs and innovative constructions. Each instrument is made individually based on existing templates with possible customizations or as a single piece – one of its kind. There are already several unique models with different designs and sound properties.  I do make guitars and basses with my own designs only. I prepare new guitar prototypes in cooperation with guitar players who bring their ideas and demands. Making of ZR Guitars is a private and independent activity. There is a small community of people around who share the same interest and passion for music and guitars. Making guitars is a part of my woodworking Art & Craft Workshop activity.

Many thanks to all involved for their inspiration and dedication!


Our story

 It all started back in 2012 by cooperation of two friends. It was me (Zdenek Rumler), who run a small woodworking workshop in Manchester (UK) and Ivan Bores, guitarist and composer, who came to spend a few months in England. As we talked about music, Ivan expressed his wish to have some kind of a fretless guitar. I took it as a challenge to test my professional skills and promised to make such a guitar for him. After Ivan went back to Czech Republic, I spent several months studying of electric guitars construction and preparing design of my firs instrument. As a result of this effort, the first guitar has been finished in April 2013. Due to its shape, it has been named Scarab. I found making of electric guitars very enjoyable and complex craft. I decided to continue with it and started to make other guitars with different designs.


How are ZR guitars made?

3D visualization

The process of creating a new guitar starts with collecting information for playability, sound characteristic and design requirements. Putting all this together give a primary idea about overall looks of the guitar.

Hard template for guitar body

Every new model is design in computer using 3D modeling software for better understanding of all details in layout of components, joints and other technical details. It provides good idea of the final design and allow to produce precise plans for manufacturing and to print templates for jigs in a real scale.

Next step is to make jigs for separated parts and prepare chosen timber for further machining. Ones all jigs are mad

Routing of the neck thickness

e and tested, they can be used repeatedly for making other guitars matching the same shape and properties.

Most of the ZR guitars are fitted with standard high-quality components, such as Seymour Duncan pickups, Schaller or Gotoh tuners etc. There are also used custom-made metal components to be accommodate with wooden parts so they fit to the designed purpose.

There are no superfluous parts used to decorate design. Beauty and tonal quality of these instruments is in their shapes and combination of materials and of course in craftsmanship.

Each guitars comes with bespoke wooden case which is made to fit shape of instrument and match its design.

in workshop
Working on ZR Guitars