What we can do for you.

ZR guitars are made only with our own designs. We do not copy or imitate any existing guitars of the other brands. We do not use any prefabricated wooden parts. Every single guitar with ZR brand is fully made in our workshop from scratch. You can choose a guitar from our list here and we would make a new guitar for you with the same components and dimensions. Overall look may vary due to natural wood structure. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us with your request.

Working on custom guitar


There are several standard guitar types with different shapes and properties. There is a set of templates for each of these models. We offer to supply a guitar based on these models with available custom modification. Guitarists may prefer different scale length, neck width or profile, fingerboard radius, type of frets. All this can be done on a new guitar based on existing templates. We have no problem to supply left-handed guitars. There are also many options for pickups and electronic circuits to be tailored to custom requirements.


All you need to do is to send us your request where you specify required guitar model and delivery address, so we could estimate shipping cost. We would reply instantly with our price and actual lead time. If we make a deal with you, we would require advanced payment of approx. 30% of total price. After your guitar would be ready, we would provide pictures and require the final payment. We would dispatch immediately after that.

It may take a bit more time prior to order confirmation, if you require some custom modifications.

Special orders

We can work out a new guitar prototype under your requirements. You can contact us with description of guitar which you would like to have. We would design a brand-new model to meet your criteria. Also, we can make a single unique guitar for you which would be one of its kind.

Repairs and other services
Repairs – before

For local customers only. We offer to service your guitar of any kind. We can do major repairs on broken wooden parts, restore surface, make repairs on electric circuit or just simple settings. You can always ask for a price.

After major repairs

Custom-designed guitar